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About Us

WHEN TWO PIANO MUSIC LOVERS are so enamored with great piano playing, they want to share their enthusiasm with others. It happens that Alvin H. Williams III, who has coordinated piano competitions himself, and Lance G. Hill, a long-time concert piano technician and classical music radio broadcaster, decided to do something that is unprecedented in the Triple-Cities area until now: provide a venue and superb concert grand piano especially for young artists who have chosen to have a career in piano performance.

It is precisely these young artists who are the classical pianists of the future. In that end, we need to have the support of music lovers everywhere to help us accomplish this task. Not only is financial support necessary, but the support of your ears, to hear these marvelous young pianists, which is equally important. The young pianists we choose come from all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

We are continually working on our ‘next’ concert.  Please consider supporting these efforts as generously as possible, and let us all contribute in order to attain the highest level of artistic genius to the generations that follows.

—Lance G. Hill and Alvin H. Williams III Founders and Producers Classical Pianists of the Future