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The Importance of a Good Website for the Aspiring Performance Pianist

As an aspiring classical pianist, you need to expand your exposure. You need an edge; and you need it early on – while at university or conservatory, not after.

One of the most overlooked options is establishing a simple but effective website to showcase who you are, and the quality of your musical craft. This need not be a "major project" but it does need to look professional

If you think this is an easy job, it isn’t. Classical Pianists of the Future has been working on its site for several years.  It is a matter of starting with a good foundation and evolving the site as you evolve in your career.

You need a website design team that has a feeling for music and art, and one who appreciates that you are just starting out and are not made of money. At the end of this article we will suggest such an organization.

. . . What are some of the elements that make a good website, with a slant toward the Pianist Artist:

**  Keep it simple.  The design should be clean and elegant. The overall feel, understated.  The idea should project YOU.

** Include several (professional) quality images of yourself. In at least one or two of the images you should be attired as you would be on stage. Consider a Tux or a conservative dress.  Lose the jeans and t-shirt.  First impressions are everything.  Don’t "cheap out".

** Add sample pieces of your work. These can include audio files and/or video clips and must be of the highest quality possible.  The out-of-tune grungy looking practice piano and your Mom’s films done on her hand held out-of-date video camera is not the wayt to go.

** Your biography should be concise, and, above all, factual. Keep it light; however, the fact that you fell off the piano bench at your fifth grade recital should probably be omitted!

** Include an accurate repertoire list. This should include pieces you have played to the degree that, with several weeks practice, you could have them ready for performance. 

** To sum: Bio., Repertoire, Sample Music, Images, Contact Page.  All elements should work together to achieve the end you have in mind.  Your aim should be to create a website that grabs the attendion of your reader and leads him/her through it.

REMEMBER:  Quality, Quality and QUALITY. You and your parents are spending a fortune on your education.  The money you spend establishing your website, and keeping it up to date, is likely one of the most worthwhile expenditures you will make.

OK. So where to start.  I am sure you can find website builders on the net.  Perhaps you have a friend who could recommend a good one. Again, you want an organization familiar with music, and recognizes that you are not made of money.  Ask  for an estimate of costs to get you up and running with the elements you have ready to include. 

Classical Pianists of the Future uses the folks at

Al Williams and Karim