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Anastasia Rizikov (11/02/2014)

At age seven, Canadian pianist Anastasia Rizikov made her orchestral debut with National Symphony Orchestra of the Ukraine. Nov. 15, Anastasia is already showing signs of being “one to watch”. She currently performs numerous solo concerts and orchestral works in major American and Canadian cities. She has had the honor to collaborate with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and other orchestras throughout Canada and the USA.

Anastasia won first place in all the following international competitions:Giuliano Pecar, Italy; Rotary International Piano Competition, Spain; Thousand Islandds Competition, USA; the Bradshaw & Buono Competition, Ukraine; and many others, all of which led to a Carnegie Hall debut; the Vladimir Horowitz International Young Pianists Competition in the Ukraine.

Adept at many languages, Anastasia gives interviews to English, Russian and Ukrainian newspapers, radio, and television. She studies with award-winning Master of Music, Maia Spis, teacher at Toronto’s Nadia Music Acadamey, Anatoly Ryabov at the Moscow Conservatory, Oxana Kern, winner of the 2001 Van Cliburn Piano Competition.

Away from piano, which are rare moments, Anastasia loves reading, animals, and treasures her friendships. Bypopular demand, this is Anastasia’s fourth appearance with CPOTF and we could not be more delighted with her return.